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About GreenGanic

 greenganic liquid fertilizergreenganic liquid fertilizer

  • GreenGanic is a one step colloidal liquid suspension organic-based fertilizer containing:
  • A balanced NPK (8.7.7.) to feed through both foliage and roots.
  • A balanced formulation of trace elements and minerals to address deficiencies and imbalances.
  • Organic matter including protein, amino acids, albumin, globulin and cholesterol to feed and nurture the organic activity in the soil.
  • Two naturally occurring growth promoters to stimulate plants to take up and use all the available nutrients, trace elements and minerals in a balanced way.
  • GreenGanic is  Made from ovine (sheep) blood and bone, GreenGanic has been used since 1975. It has gained an enviable reputation for producing strong, healthy, disease-resistant plants as well as top quality flowers, fruits and vegetables.
  • Because GreenGanic is a colloidal suspension containing organic material, it will not leach or wash away even under heavy rain or irrigation.
  • GreenGanic feeds via foliage and roots meaning that it can be applied directly to plants and the surrounding soil with excellent results.
  • The natural growth promoters in GreenGanic help plants to use the available nitrogen more efficiently with less waste and better results.
  • GreenGanic acts as an effective sticker and spreader and may help to improve the effectiveness of plant protection materials when they are applied together.
  • GreenGanic is widely accepted as an important part of integrated fertilizer programs to improve soil sustainability.
  • GreenGanic is exported from New Zealand to Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and South Pacific Islands.


What GreenGanic will achieve on the farm and in the garden?

  • Supplies plants with the right combination of nutrients at a rate appropriate to their needs.  Expect improved results from shrubs and flowers, as well as top quality and better tasting fruit and vegetables.
  • Provides both quick and slow release nutrients, because it is an organic liquid suspension and the solids content takes time to break down.
  • Helps to produce vibrant healthy plants, trees or shrubs with good color and strong root development. They become more resistant to attack from insect pests or disease, often resulting in a reduced need for application of plant protection materials.
  • Improved organic activity in the soil, evidenced by increased earthworm numbers. This leads to improved soil structure and aeration, better drainage, more drought resistance and the release of locked up nutrients.
  • Rapid recovery for plants, trees, shrubs or vines stressed by adverse or untimely weather conditions such as frost or transplanting.
  • Maximizes the cost effectiveness of fertilizer inputs to feed plants on the basis of ‘a little and often’ to provide an ongoing and balanced growth stimulus.
  • The two natural growth promoters will stimulate plants to take up and use all available nutrients, both those in GreenGanic as well as those in the surrounding soil.
  • GreenGanic will help all growing plants grow closer to their genetic potential.
  • GreenGanic can be mixed with plant insect and disease protection materials where it acts as an effective sticker and spreader to help ensure good coverage of the foliage.
greenganic liquid fertilizergreenganic liquid fertilizer


Grow with GreenGanic

March 28, 2013

You can now find GreenGanic organic fertilizer on your favorite social networks. Please follow us, like us and subscribe to our newsletter as we will be sending out information on discounts and special promotions as the weather warms up and the growing season comes into full bloom.   You can find us here: Facebook www.facebook.com/greenganic Like Us!   Twitter www.twitter.com/Greenganic Follow us!   Sign up for our email list The sign up form is in the footer of this page   Thanks a bunch -GreenGanic Team

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New Zealand's #1 Organic Fertilizer - Now In America!

March 15, 2013

GreenGanic organic fertilizer grew the sweetest produce with the highest organic sugar (BRIX) levels.  On average, GreenGanic fed plants were 62% sweeter than all other competitors.   Learn more about the science of Greenganic here.

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First Post

March 07, 2013

Welcome to the new GreenGanic website.    

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